All you need is the LinguapracticaVR headset.  If you have a smartphone with a gyroscope then you can immerse yourself in the UK in virtual reality!  We are offering the LinguapracticaVR headset for only €39.99 €24.95!  We will also give you 4 tours for you to experience learning English in VR for the first time.

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Take a look at the real life UK destinations you can visit!

Learn English in Virtual Reality


Virtual learning, but real love...

Olga W Verified Buyer

Unexpectedly good

I have studied with Linguapractica's teachers for 4 years now.  This was an amazing, extra way to improve my English skills!


Vladimir K Verified Buyer


My first VR experience, I really liked it.  I look forward to more content from you.


Chiara L Verified Buyer

Better than books

It's a really engaging way to learn English.  It is much more interesting than using books!  Thank you.


360º UK tours of real places

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Practise pronunciation & vocabulary

Explore the UK, learning English at the same time


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Full VR Immersion in the UK

PDF Study Materials

Explore and interact with typical, real life UK situations

Each VR tour has a downloadable PDF for more in-depth study

Each VR tour includes a free mp3 file to continue to practise important pronunciation & vocabulary from that experience

Each LinguapracticaVR tour includes...

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